No longer a moto-taxi novice!

No longer a moto-taxi novice!
No longer a moto-taxi novice! It can be exhausting but it's great fun!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Getting Ready

The month of August is proving really enjoyable in all respects except the weather! I'm so glad I rented out the house from the beginning of August as I have been able to make lots of visits and spend valuable time with my family and friends and not be still worried about packing up the house ready to leave.  I am still puzzling out the stuff to take and what to leave behind, but gradually things are getting sorted.  The bank holiday weekend should be fun, as my farewell get together with the boys and partners will be at the Jazz festival in Hampton Court. Let's hope the weather finally brightens up! I am still spending time trying to learn Kinyarwanda, which is both challenging and enjoyable.  I'm really looking forward to the language lessons during the in country training in Kigali. I'm making the most of hot showers, electricity, TV, wine and ice cream, as they will be in short supply from next month.

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