No longer a moto-taxi novice!

No longer a moto-taxi novice!
No longer a moto-taxi novice! It can be exhausting but it's great fun!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

VSO Family Dinner

Sunday 12 September
Last night was the VSO Rwanda Family dinner – a six-monthly get together for all volunteers and workers at VSO Rwanda. Held in a large barn-like restaurant not far from where we are staying. We started off with some team-building games, which were not difficult and were good for getting to know other people. As darkness fell (just after 6.00!) we had drinks and began to settle down at tables ready to start the meal. A more sumptuous melange much as I described before – very tasty indeed.
The highlight of the evening was a performance by the Intore dancers – traditional Rwandan dancers, who showed off a variety of dances accompanied by drums and singing. After the performance they took a break and then came, as expected to get “muzungos” to join in. In fact this proved very popular and we had a great dance together. I think the dance troupe was pleased by our enthusiasm because they came back after changing out of their traditional dress and started playing again for us all to dance together.It was a great fun evening and continued well past the
programmed time!

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