No longer a moto-taxi novice!

No longer a moto-taxi novice!
No longer a moto-taxi novice! It can be exhausting but it's great fun!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Imigongo finally completed

Here I am with the finished picture.

This is Basilice, the director of the co-operative and my patient tuto
        In fact I finished my picture before going away to Kenya, but I left it at the co-operative studio while I was away as I thought I might touch it up here and there.  However going back to it after a break I found I was much less dissatisfied with the picture as it stands. I found the application of the fine black lines quite difficult as my ridges were not always as smooth as they should be (a pointer for the next picture!).  My hand had been quite shaky too, but on examining genuine pictures by the experts I saw that they have the occasional wobble too.  It was clear also that any touching up would probably make things worse and I could live with the final result anyway!!

It was really encouraging last Saturday when I declared it finished that four of the experts rushed to see the picture and were full of praise and pleasure at what I had done!  They really are lovely friendly women. 

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